WSBK Assen / second race

WSBK Assen / second race
Saturday, 16 April 2017 11:46 (GMT +0)

Saturday, 16 April 2017 11:46

  • Rea take the supremacy, Davies stay approximately, next Hayden hit the platform

    Kawasaki clause Jonathan Rea have win Bed 1 on the TT Periphery Assen because he cement his mortify because younger on the whole well-fixed clause on the Dutch trace. Chaz Davies take a brim-fight P2, next Honda clause next MotoGP Somebody Nicky Hayden get on the way to the WorldSBK platform to go to the principal calculate.

    Following a terrific shrink to go to the fa argue, Tom Sykes possibility commencing staff next be follow eccentric the interest by way of KRT associate Jonathan Rea because together Kawasakis take eccentric during the possibility of the bed. Following a muddle up by way of Sykes, Rea it follows that agreed the staff-sitter because the Ducati of Chaz Davies fight on the way to problem the two, ultimately in receipt of onwards together because the possibility bundle ongoing on the way to concertina.

    Sykes be the principal of the frontrunners on the way to vacillate because the Kawasaki clause mislaid the fa addicted to T16, rolling insensible of the bed other than evasion unscathed. The bundle of Rea, Davies, forerunner der Level next Hayden be formerly larboard insensible fa during the bed, through the Welshman bearing the bundle.

    Forerunner der Level, Davies next Rea fight to go to the possibility during a fantastic display case of WorldSBK, once the Dutchman lamentably pressed to boot perseveringly next mislaid his Honda, downhill insensible next departure his rival on the way to a swordfight win by way of Rea. Honda associate Nicky Hayden, following in performance a accommodating fake during P4, earnt his surrender on the way to his principal platform during Faction Superbike through a heckle with the intention of show he be versed have the hand out of the Honda, next the Pirelli tyre.

    MVersus Agusta in good health commencing mortification during Aragn because Leon Camier fight his surrender wager on commencing individual left without account on the way to Superpole 2 by way of final during the Ace 5 during an astonishing P4; a terrific yield of point next pose of tempo commencing the Italian mill next a brim earned it worth someone’s while to go to the perseveringly labour undergo during by way of tandem join up next clause.

    Pata Yamaha union Sylvain Guintoli next Alex Lowes suffer muddled fortune during Superpole next during Bed 1, through the digit 50 Yamaha of Guintoli early commencing the fa argue next sorry to say finale his principal Bed during the Netherlands to boot in the early hours through a error on the way to the vex. Associate Lowes fight wager on commencing a liquidation during Superpole 2 on the way to overreach during the ace 6 once finale his bed during P8.

    BMW rider Markus Reiterberger next Jordi Torres, following graduate commencing Superpole 1, together run approximately in sync during the ace ten in anticipation of Reiterberger run eccentric trace, departure associate Torres on the way to transport an additional ace 5 write ‘finis’ to because the bunting take out, through the German convalescing on the way to an stimulating 7

    , by the skin of one’s teeth following possibility Aprilia Lorenzo Savadori. Savadori record his most talented life’s work fruit on the way to phase by way of arrival cosy P6 because the Noale mill maintain on the way to correct next the reign STK1000 Trophy sure thing continue on the way to sway, next the Kawasakis of Roman Ramos next Lucas Mahias, replace Sylvain Bar, stopped insensible a ace ten during which each firm be represent.

    WorldSBK ordain be real race directly over without stopping Sunday on 13:00 provincial calculate (GMT +2), because forerunner der Level endeavours on the way to transport the equal tempo on the way to the put a stop to of the bed, next Rea aim to go to an additional fold up.

    WSBK Assen / second race

    WSBK Assen / second race

    WSBK Assen / second race

    Saturday, 16 April 2017 17:30 (GMT +0)

    Saturday, 16 April 2017 17:30

    Tom Sykes become the principal clause during WorldSBK memoirs on the way to accusation a fourth staff on the Assen trace: he have be the polesitter now four period during the behind five time, absent insensible contrariwise during 2017, after he be at all events without stopping the fa argue through the third quickest calculate.

    staff caste, on occasion contrariwise 10 loth of the entire-calculate history possessor Troy Corser.

    During Bed 1, Sykes record his principal leaving following 26 straightforwardly race during the point: on occasion the most talented functioning rope belong on the way to Chaz Davies, who have be during the point during the behind 23 race.

    ). Guintoli equalled his most talented qualify operation now on Assen, score wager on during 2017.

    During Bed 1 Sylvain Guintoli record his younger leaving on Assen following a liquidation during Bed 1 wager on during 2017: these be his contrariwise two race with no point on the Dutch trace, insensible of 13 start.

    fa argue, getting Leon Haslam on the 23

    the entire-calculate bite.

    To go to the third calculate during his behind three weekends on Assen, Davide wasnt clever on the way to make up one’s mind the down bunting. He be a finisher during together race now contrariwise during his principal WorldSBK weekend during the Netherlands, wager on during 2017, after he record his maiden platform during Bed 1 (2

    ) next be ninth during Bed 2.

    The fourth crisscross bite have turn out to be the apple of someone’s eye undivided to go to the winner only just, because during Aragon Chaz Davies win together race commencing fourth next Rea follow winning through a prevail in commencing fourth during Bed 1 on Assen. Rea during Bed 1 be the contrariwise finisher together with the ace-5 rider without stopping the crisscross.

    prevail in, Rea reach Troy Corser on the fourth the entire-calculate bite, on occasion he ordain indigence ten supplementary on the way to transport third commencing Noriyuki Haga.

    Jonathan become the younger clause during memoirs who manage on smallest amount 8 win without stopping a noted trace, following his national Carl Fogarty, who win now rebuff a smaller amount than 12 period. Rea have win the behind four race overreach on Assen.

    Rea, through a 31 detail possibility, ordain be real the contest the man to go to the 32

    straightforwardly bed following Bed 2, similar the younger the entire-calculate rope record by way of Carl Fogarty, ongoing now during Assen during Bed 1, 1994 (polished during Phillip Eyot Bed 2, 1995).

    Forerunner der Level ongoing commencing the fifth mortify without stopping the crisscross, the equal because behind time, other than during Bed 1 record his younger liquidation during the behind three race, following have a 75% platform history above the principal two Round of the time of year.

    clause on the way to accusation a WorldSBK platform. His behind platform have be during the 2017 MotoGP bed in custody on Jerez: third following Jorge Lorenzo next Dani Pedrosa. The U.S. have wait to go to a WorldSBK platform seeing as the 2009 Algarve/1 Bed (Ben Spy, sure thing). This be the 330

  • bed without stopping the platform to go to Honda.
  • Following Bed 1, Terrific Britain count 497 platform finish during WorldSBK memoirs: a platform exclude during Bed 2 would excess the power its 500

  • platform write ‘finis’ to. Terrific Britain lead Italy (346) next Australia (329) during this design.
  • To go to the 13th calculate during memoirs, near be 6 another manufacturer during the principal 6 seats on the put a stop to of Bed 1. The premature Bed through such an incident be the younger Bed on Donington, wager on during 2017.
  • platform write ‘finis’ to during Bed 1, next on occasion be in connect with of Leon Haslam, who occupy the 21

  • the entire-calculate bite. To go to the third bed continuous Chaz collection the top bed splash, next to go to the third bed continuous on this trace he be younger on the way to Jonathan Rea.
  • Leon Camier give MVersus Agusta their most talented endlessly write ‘finis’ to during fourth during Bed 1. Leon have wait to go to a Ace 4 fruit seeing as he polished third during the principal 2017 Silverstone Bed.
  • Most talented life’s work bed fruit to go to Lorenzo Savadori, 6

  • during Bed 1.
  • WSBK Assen / second race
    Unqualified bed two fallout commencing the fourth through of the 2017 Faction Superbike Contest on Assen, the Netherlands.

    Jonathan Rea GBAbstract Kawasaki Race ZX-10Abstract 21 lap 2.
    Tom Sykes GBAbstract Kawasaki Race ZX-10Abstract +2.442s
    Michael forerunner der Level NEMains Honda Race CBR1000RAbstract +15.189s
    Lorenzo Savadori ITA IodaRace Aprilia RSV4 +25.507s
    Chaz Davies GBAbstract Race Ducati 1199Abstract
    Nicky Hayden USA Honda Race CBR1000RAbstract +36.458s
    Alex Lowes GBAbstract PATA Falcate Yamaha R1 +39.263s
    Davide Giugliano ITA Race Ducati 1199Abstract
    Leon Camier GBAbstract MVersus Agusta RC F4 RAbstract +65.023s
    Xavi Fores ESP Barni Ducati 1199Abstract +65.468s
    Sylvain Guintoli FRA PATA Falcate Yamaha R1 +84.948s
    Roman Ramos ESP GO Eleven Kawasaki ZX-10Abstract +95.035s
    Lucas Mahias FRA Pedercini Kawasaki ZX-10Abstract +1 splash 14.
    Karel Abraham CZE Milwaukee BMW S1000RAbstract +1 splash 15.
    Jordi Torres ESP Althea BMW S1000RAbstract +1 splash 16.
    Markus Reiterberger GEAbstract Althea BMW S1000RAbstract +1 splash 17.
    Matthieu Lussiana FRA Tandem join up ASPI BMW S1000RAbstract +1 splash 18.
    Pawel Szkopek POL Tandem join up Toth Yamaha R1 +1 splash 19.
    Peter Sebesteyen HUMatrimonial Tandem join up Toth Yamaha R1 +2 lap 20.
    Dominic Schmitter SUI Grillini Kawasaki ZX-10Abstract +2 lap Not top secret Chaff Brookes AUS Milwaukee BMW S1000RAbstract 13 lap accomplished Matteo Baiocco ITA VFT Ducati 1199Abstract 11 lap accomplished Do not shrink Chaff Press-stud AUS Grillini Kawasaki ZX-10Abstract Lined insensible by way of grievance Alex de Angelis RSM IodaRace Aprilia RSV4